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Bored of being bored

Granted its only been 4 1/2 days lying in bed, but im absolutely bored to death. Im praying that doing what i was told, rather than ignoring it, has resolved the issue. 3more days… Until i find out if im ready to hop back into my lifestyle, and start living again. My butt hurts, my legs hurt, still crampy, but screw this! I NEED to go to the grocery store, my house is a wreck from the boys painting (YES PAINTING) on the walls and spreading toothpaste on the doors while im stuck in bed. Knowing that im stuck in bed, and knowing i cant discipline them, they are jsut doing whatever the hell they want. Boy do they have it coming to them soon…

Not only am i stuck here, lonely, depressed, and angry, but i want to go back to work! This totally threw my budget to hell, thank god for chad’s bonus, but bloody hell, i had things i needed to taken care of! An here i was, planning to beg my boss to let me come in ealier for that extra few dollars. So many things to get done, i may just saw screw it all together and get ‘er done.


College mama of 4 kiddos, and wife to my beloved. Just sharing our lives with the world!

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