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Well, of course, boredom leads me to alot of wierd things, lol! Ive decided to cloth diaper yet again, and found some new things out there. It driving me batty not being able to buy stuff, but hopefully soon ill be off bedrest and can start buying baby stuff =)

Found FuzziBunz they seem neat-o, and Kissaluvs (werent around for my others i dont think), and gDiapers… I think imma like the gdiapers and fuzzibunz most, and should be easy for my hubby. Except screw the flushable part, imma put a prefold in there =D Just wish they were around for my others, woulda made life so simple!!

Please please please no disposables if your thinking of gifts for the lil un =D Im also looking around for anyone who can knit wool soakers. Seems to be a new trend in cloth diapering for covers. Ive seen some REALLy cute ones made into skirt/diapercovers and pants. Absolutely adorable. If anyone is Knit trendy, let me know and ill find some wool yard for ya!!

Back to bedrest boredom here!!

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Still on bedrest

Went to my lovely OB & everything is still the same. Bedrest. Booooo! As she explained it to me, the placenta is gorwin over my cervix, and is bleeding in between the two. So there is a clot of blood pooled between the two. The only thing saving me from massive bleeding and m/c is my cervix being tightly shut! Thank god for that.

Another concern was i havent gained in any weight in 3 weeks…

The boredom gets worse everyday. Im getting overly frustrated with not being able to do my daily tasks. Im either sleeping or mad, seems to be no in between.

I go back July 3rd, hopefully everything is better by then!

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After they told me it was a complete previa, and on total bedrest for now, i got bored and started reading (nothing else to do).  But found nothing about the internal bleeding, so its still a mystery to me. But heres what i found:

Placenta Previa – Topic Overview

What is placenta previa?

The placenta is an organ that forms on the inner wall of the uterus shortly after conception. Nutrients and oxygen pass from the mother to her fetus through the placenta, which also carries waste products away from the fetus.

Normally, the placenta is attached to the uterus above the cervix. In rare cases, the placenta forms low in the uterus and is partially to completely covering the cervix. When the placenta is blocking the cervix, it is called placenta previa. See illustrations of a normal placenta and placenta previa.

What are the symptoms?

Some women with placenta previa do not have any symptoms; others have sudden, painless vaginal bleeding that ranges from slight to heavy. The blood is often bright red.

What causes placenta previa?

The specific cause of placenta previa is not known. However, there are several risk factors that can increase your chances of developing placenta previa, including:1

  • Cigarette smoking, which is strongly linked to 1 of every 4 previas.1 Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen transferred to the fetus, thereby stimulating the growth of a larger placenta, which is more likely to grow low into the uterus.
  • History of medical procedures that affect the uterine lining, such as dilation and curettage (D&C) done with sharp curettage (rare) after a miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) or a medical abortion.2, 3
  • Previous cesarean delivery (C-section). Of women who have had a cesarean delivery in the past, as many as 4 in 100 develop placenta previa; of women who have had four or more C-sections, 10 in 100 develop placenta previa.4
  • History of several previous pregnancies. Placenta previa occurs in 1 in 1,500 first-time pregnancies. In women who have had five or more pregnancies, this increases to about 5 in 100.5
  • Advancing maternal age. Among women 19 and younger, only 1 in 1,500 develops placenta previa. Of women 35 and older, 1 in 100 develops placenta previa.6
  • Cocaine or crack cocaine use during pregnancy.7
  • History of a previous placenta previa.

If your health professional has identified a placenta previa or low-lying placenta before your 20th week of pregnancy, chances are good that it will resolve on its own. About 90% of placenta previa cases diagnosed before the 20th week resolve on their own by the end of the pregnancy.4 As the lower uterus grows, the position of the placenta can change in relation to the cervix so that by the end of the pregnancy, the placenta no longer blocks the cervix.

How is placenta previa diagnosed?

Placenta previa is diagnosed with ultrasound. Most previas are identified during the second trimester, with routine ultrasound, or when assessing the cause of vaginal bleeding or when bleeding begins at the onset of labor.

How is it treated?

Treatment for placenta previa depends on how much you are bleeding and whether your fetus is mature enough to survive early delivery. Providing that you and your fetus are stable, you can be closely monitored until the baby can be safely delivered.

With a bleeding previa, it is important that you avoid sexual intercourse, office vaginal exams, or putting anything else in your vagina. (You may, however, have a carefully done vaginal exam at the hospital.)

When your fetus is mature enough, or if too much bleeding is endangering you or your fetus, your baby will be delivered. Because disturbing the placenta with a vaginal delivery can cause severe bleeding, a cesarean section is always used when placenta previa is present.

What are the potential complications of placenta previa?

Placenta previa can cause complications for both mother and fetus, including:

  • Early separation of the placenta from the uterine wall (placenta abruptio).
  • Severe maternal bleeding (hemorrhage) before or during delivery, which can be life-threatening for both a mother and her fetus. When the placenta has abnormally attached or grown into the uterine wall (placenta accreta, placenta increta, or placenta percreta), bleeding can be severe enough to require a hysterectomy.5
  • Premature, or preterm, delivery (before the 37th week of pregnancy), which typically poses the greatest risk to the fetus.
  • Birth defects. Birth defects occur 2.5 times more often in pregnancies affected by placenta previa than in unaffected pregnancies. The cause is currently unknown.6 It may just be that placenta previa is slightly more common among older women, as are babies with birth defects.
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It’s a girl

Went back to the sonographer today to see if things improved, and she said it looks like a girl!!

Still on bedrest, the bleeding has gotten worse, so more boredom here. Looking into finding something to do at home to make some cash while im off from work.

New sono pics of our lil girl as well =D

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Bored of being bored

Granted its only been 4 1/2 days lying in bed, but im absolutely bored to death. Im praying that doing what i was told, rather than ignoring it, has resolved the issue. 3more days… Until i find out if im ready to hop back into my lifestyle, and start living again. My butt hurts, my legs hurt, still crampy, but screw this! I NEED to go to the grocery store, my house is a wreck from the boys painting (YES PAINTING) on the walls and spreading toothpaste on the doors while im stuck in bed. Knowing that im stuck in bed, and knowing i cant discipline them, they are jsut doing whatever the hell they want. Boy do they have it coming to them soon…

Not only am i stuck here, lonely, depressed, and angry, but i want to go back to work! This totally threw my budget to hell, thank god for chad’s bonus, but bloody hell, i had things i needed to taken care of! An here i was, planning to beg my boss to let me come in ealier for that extra few dollars. So many things to get done, i may just saw screw it all together and get ‘er done.

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12w 4d bedrest

Went into the OB today after work, after having horrid menstrual like pains all weekend and all day. They found a huge blood clot, and my placenta sitting right on top of my cervix =( They’ve put me on bedrest until Tuesday, in which they will check me to see if things are better, if not back to bed!!

Knowing id be bored to death, my sweetie pie moved my whole computer system right next to the bed! He knew i could only tolerate so much TV, lol. Anyways, ill be here bored ‘n lonely!