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Ive gotten so many questions since i started the whole IVF thing.
How does it work? Are you pregnant yet? What are you going to tell your baby when they ask you how they came about? What if you have 8 babies? LOL.

Ill explain it the best i can… They pumped me with hormones for weeks, to “grow” eggs. Then they surgically removed them and fertilized them in a petri. Then on Sunday, they plopped them back into my uterus via a cathedar. Sounds fun, eh?

I have NO clue if im pregnant yet. Some tests say yes, some say no. Im addicted to seeing if that second line will pop up. I’ll find out Thursday for sure

Hmm.. what will i tell my baby how they were created? Probably the truth.

What if i have 8? LOL, only had 3 inseminated so thats doubtful. What if i have 3?? Well, then i will have 3 babies, and will have to manage working when my husband is not. Hopefully my current job will be understanding to that. If not, then i dunno Either way, theres always a way to work shit out. Always have, always will.

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Today we transfered all three embies!!  Now the waiting game to see if we concieve.  Exhausted and sore! Cant wait to find out =)

And here are our 3 lil embies!!

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Today’s sono

Well, todays sono showed 9 TINY follices ( i should have around 15-20 by now). Im not reacting to the meds as i should be, so here they are bumping my dosage up, and making me take the meds 2x a day, rather than 1.


My stomach aches from all the injections, im covered in bruises and red marks. This is totally exhausting me mentally and physically. I’ll be glad when its over. I’ve decided, no matter what happens, im not going through this EVER again. Ill freeze what we have left over, IF we have any left over. But im certainly not doing this again.

The dr reassured me, its still early in the cycle, and i can produce more, and they can grow… So we still have a chance. I’m just so stressed and emo, that i can’t focus on the positive right now.